Safety comes first. It is by far the most important part of the whole operation.

At Signature Masks we take the highest precautions to ensure that our product safety standards are exceptional. Our Signature Skin Tone Masks are manufactured in our own UK-based factory, using bespoke equipment. Our machines undergo rigorous sanitisation, and our operators don extensive personal protective equipment (PPE) and it is safe to say they are now experts in personal hygiene.

We use an industrial HEPA* filter to scrub the air within the factory itself. Every 3 minutes the entire volume of the air in the factory is replaced with pure and filtered air. Most particles carried in the air, including viruses, are subject to filtration in this process. Our state-of-the-art and purpose-built facility maintains an internal positive air pressure, which engenderers an outward air flow, keeping that clean-air clean.

*HEPA = high efficiency particulate air (filter)


We have stringent quality-control procedures which check our products for possible faults before they are dispatched.

One of the key advantages of operating locally in Britain is that we can guarantee exceptional levels of hygiene. A mask that is not produced in a sanitary environment presents an immediate risk to the wearer. By manufacturing ourselves and by setting and enforcing the high standards that we expect from our suppliers, we ensure that what we dispatch to you represents the best of their standard both in terms of product safety and quality. This is part of our Signature Promise.

At Signature Masks we take pride in the quality of our products, and the quality of the environment they’re produced in. We have a company policy of quality in everything we do.

Any products which we sell that are manufactured by other companies in the UK and overseas undergo technical scrutiny to ensure that their factories and products meet our Signature Secure Standards. Technical audits, where appropriate, ensure that product safety and quality remains at the forefront of our suppliers’ minds. Afterall… its your safety, our Signature.

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