Who is Signature Masks?

Signature Masks is a UK-based manufacturer and seller of civilian and medical grade disposable face masks. Our founder and director is James Eid, and we are based in Dunstable, Bedfordshire, where we operate a world-beating and industry-leading manufacturing facility.

Do you manufacture in the UK?

Yes. Our Signature Skin Tone Masks are manufactured in the UK, in a purpose built and new factory in the United Kingdom. Unlike the majority of masks currently available on the market, Signature Masks operates locally. We manufacture in a world-beating manufacturing facility. The principal advantage of UK manufacturing is that we control every stage of the production procedure. This way, we can ensure the very highest standards and product quality and are not subject to the vagaries of importation – all whilst reducing cost (and improving value) for you. All products sold by Signature Masks which are made in the UK are marked with the Made In Britain tag on the packaging - some other products we may sell are not necessarily made by Signature Masks and those which are imported will not be branded Made in Britain.

Are you producing for hospitals?

We are proud to have the capacity to produce for healthcare providers. At the beginning of the pandemic, supplies of medical equipment were insufficient to supply all healthcare settings, and as a result face masks were not recommended for public usage. Signature Masks was created to manufacture high quality and affordable face masks to aid in improving public health. We have the means by which to produce masks to a medical standard, and we will do so if there is ever an indication that supplies are short and we are called on by the government.

Notwithstanding, we believe that making high-quality civilian disposable face masks available to the UK public for a market-beating low price will help to reduce disease transmission, and thus take the strain off our health services.

Do you have any brand testimonials?

Our company can be reviewed on Trustpilot. Our director James Eid has also been featured in the media. Whilst these are not endorsements, we hope highlighting our media history may add credibility to our company for you. James Eid has been interviewed by the Independent, the Lancaster Guardian, the Evening Standard, the Sun and the Retail Gazette. We often get called upon to give our take on the state of public guidance regarding face masks. James represented Signature Masks on LBC with James O’Brien, as well as having been interviewed for an 'LBC News' exclusive segment on face masks and government policy. We also recently committed to donating 3000 Signature Masks to assist the Evening Standard’s ‘The Felix Project’ campaign to protect volunteers, and we are committed to supporting ‘Behçet’s UK’ a charity promoting research into the cause, effects, treatment and management of Behçet’s disease. Signature Masks is consistently contributing towards charitable efforts, and we recently donated 3000 masks to the community in Beirut to aid in the immediate first response after the tragic port explosion.

Why was Signature masks created?

Signature Masks was set up to supply honestly priced, high quality and low cost face masks. After seeing the profiteering internationally during the COVID-19 Pandemic, James Eid (19 years old) started his manufacturing plant in Luton, UK. Currently we supply civilian grade face coverings, high filtration face masks and other personal care and hygiene equipment such as alcohol sanitiser and alcohol disinfectant wipes. This is to help with reducing the rate of transmission for infectious diseases and viruses.

Why do I need a mask? Are they mandatory now?

The guidance on face coverings is largely an official matter, and it changes regularly. As of the 24th July, it is compulsory to wear a face covering in shops. The penalty for not doing so will be a fine of up to £100. One is advised to wear a face covering where social distancing is not possible, or otherwise where the likelihood of close contact with persons outside of your household is seen as high. We cannot predict how this guidance is likely to change over time. Please refer to the government site here.

How to contact us?

Signature Masks can be reached by email, at customercontact@signaturemasks.co.uk. You can also throw us any questions our live chat feature on our website: www.signaturemasks.co.uk


Are the masks that you make medical standard?

Some are, some are not... Our civilian disposable face masks are made of a 3-ply, non-woven fabric. They are water resistant and manufactured in an immaculate, HEPA air-filtered factory. These masks are designed to provide a sturdy, water resistant barrier to liquid particulates — which we know can carry viruses, such as the Coronavirus, from person to person and to surfaces. They are not medical grade and our civilian masks should be regarded as 'face coverings.' We also supply our Signature High Filtration disposable face masks, which meet the surgical Type IIR standard, with BFE filtration, splash resistance and differential pressure ratings that meet the required specification. More information can be found on the individual product webpage. Whilst these masks are typically regarded as medial/surgical grade, we sell them as non-medical devices and therefore should be worn as a face covering to protect those around you. Signature Masks aid in protecting those around you by ‘catching’ saliva from you which could transfer to others, and to surfaces which could become accidentally contaminated. If everyone wore a Signature Mask then the rate of transmission of viruses would undoubtedly reduce.

Are the masks produced in a sanitary environment?

Yes. It is absolutely essential to produce face masks in a sanitary environment, otherwise they are not suitable for use. Our professionals have experience in food standards accreditation by the BRC, meaning that we are aware of the standard required of this kind of product. Our state-of-the-art factory is HEPA filtered (meaning the air is ridded of airborne contaminants continually). Our production lines operate under a positive air pressure, which engenderers an outward air flow, keeping the clean air clean. Our employees and engineers wear extensive personal protection equipment, machines are sanitised meticulously, and we have a stringent quality-control procedure by which we seek to check products for possible faults.

How do your masks compare to others?

First, affordability. Signature Masks does not seek to generate an unfair profit. In fact, we undercut market prices substantially. We are able to do this because our manufacturing facility is based in the UK. We also sell directly to the customer, so we can cut out the cost of the middle man. We make no compromises on the quality of our products — this should never be the way to reduce prices. We offer transparent prices with free delivery included in all orders - and no hidden costs. VAT is included in all listed prices. Second, our manufacturing standards ensure that the masks we produce represent the best of their standard. No faulty straps, no rips in the fabric, no loose fittings etc. Our immaculate and fully-sanitised factory operates according to the highest safety protocols. We also produce masks in 2 unique colours — the more natural tones of ‘Roasted Coffee’ and ‘Biscotti’, as opposed to the medical-blue that imported masks invariably arrive in. Our masks arrive hermetically-sealed, which prevents any possible contamination to the masks in the delivery process. Third, Signature Masks offers a market-beating subscription service, offering the customer a steady roll of mask deliveries, directly to their door, for an outstanding price. For one-off purchases, the deal is no less impressive, with same day dispatch on orders placed before 5pm, and free UK mainland delivery on all orders, arriving in usually 48-72 working hours.

But what about the environment?

We understand the profound impact of waste and pollution on our natural environment, and at no point are we flippant about this issue. Because of this, we have adjusted our manufacturing facility to be as efficient as possible and minimise waste. We try our best to source material locally, which minimises the externalities of importation. We are continually looking at ways to reduce our impact on the environment, for example, introducing recyclable boxes for our disposable face masks. We are also looking at ways to introduce biodegradable materials for the masks themselves.


What colour do the masks come in?

'Biscotti’ and ‘Roasted Coffee’. ‘Biscotti’ is a subtle choice, with a warm and luxurious tint. ‘Roasted Coffee’ is elegant and distinguished; a rich dark brown tone. Our colours are earthy and subtle, allowing you to go about your day to day in the ‘new normal’. Our Signature High Filtration masks come in 'Sky Blue.'

Are your masks Surgical Masks?

Some are, some are not. Our civilian disposable face masks are made of a 3-ply, non-woven fabric. This fabric is water resistant and acts as a barrier to large particulates potentially travelling from you to others and onto surfaces. These masks are not medical grade and our civilian masks should be regarded as 'face coverings.' They protect those around you. However, we produce our civilian range in the same hygienic and industry-leading factory that we would our medical grade (IIR) disposable face masks! So, rest assured your Signature Masks are produced with product safety as a priority. We also sell our Signature High Filtration Masks which meet the surgical mask specification, which is Type IIR.

Why are your masks so much cheaper than alternatives?

There might be a couple of reasons for this. First, Signature Masks does not seek to generate an unfair profit. In fact, we undercut market prices substantially. Companies have been seen to charge extortionate prices for face masks, regardless of their quality. In a time of crisis, this price-gouging can grow exponentially. Signature Masks was not established with this intention and finds it a particularly unattractive phenomenon. Our masks are a significantly lower price of major UK supermarkets. We also give free shipping on all orders, and offer an additional 12% off for our subscription customers.

Can you breathe easily with the masks on?

Yes. One of the benefits of a 3-ply, non-woven construction is breathability. Our masks allow air to pass through without being impeded by a thick gauze. Our masks allow the wearer to breathe comfortability. The face masks can be worn during exercise, in gyms, during commutes, whilst walking to the station, whilst cooking — no matter the activity. The water resistant / waterproof nature of the materials means that, despite breathability, particulates you expel are caught effectively – which prevents transmission between people around you and on surfaces.

How long do disposable masks last?

Signature Masks can be worn for about 18-24 hours. It is thanks to our 3 ply water resistant construction that Signature face masks can safely be worn for long periods of time. The waterproof fabric layer does not absorb moisture like fabric masks do, which can extend the time of effective and comfortable wearing. One of the key benefits of a longer-lasting face masks is that the risk of contamination whilst removing, or putting on a mask, is reduced. Our masks will last all day, so there is only a need to change them when you are in a setting where hand sanitation is possible. You also don’t need to carry around lots of masks just to get you through a day of work! However, we recommend that you dispose of your mask after you take it off. Disposable masks are single session, and they should be disposed of after use, and then hands should be washed. Please have a look at our ‘How to Wear’ guide for more detailed on procedures, etiquette, and hygiene.

Can I re-use the masks?

Our civilian disposable face masks cannot be re-used, but they will last for about 18-24 hours or your single session use, whichever comes first. Our market-leading subscription service will deliver a packet of masks weekly for an unbeatable price, keeping your supply going. Subscribers save 12% off their orders.

Why should I buy a disposable face mask?

A very important question. It is important to note that the scientific opinion regarding face masks is an evolving matter, and one which we at Signature Masks keep a close eye on.
Face coverings are likely to reduce the transmissibility of viruses like Coronavirus, and when lots of people wear them a situation of collective safety emerges. Disposable face masks have three key advantages to non-disposable masks.
1. Safety. A study conducted by the UNSW found the penetration of cloth masks by particles was almost 97%, which resulted in several cases of disease transmission. Our disposable face masks offer a much sturdier blockade to the transit of viral particulate contained in water. They are long-lasting are safely disposable. Re-usable masks must be washed frequently, which exposes the wearer to several contamination opportunities. Additionally, our masks are tight fitting with a metal nose bridge, and do not need frequent adjustment (and thus hand-face touching) like DIY face coverings or poorly made reusable masks.
2. Reusable masks are unhygienic in comparison. Surfaces are subject to cross contamination if you take off your reusable mask and put it in your pocket or table. Your handbag, wallet, keys and so on will have cross contamination from your reusable mask. If you do choose to use a reusable mask then we recommend you carry a sealable sandwich bag to store it after use, until you can safely put it into the washing machine and wash your hands before touching things in your house. However with our disposable Signature Masks disposable masks the process is easy, we recommend you take them off by the ear loop, dispose and sanitse/wash your hands.
3. Ease of use. Disposable face masks are consistent in their construction and intended use. The guidelines are clear, and use can be 18-24 hours (in one session) if the masks are of a solid design. Re-usable masks may last for as little as 3 uses, or several more. Each mask varies, as does the quality of their design. Many cloth designs do not offer water resistance, and thus present a risk of contamination to others and a false sense of security and effectiveness. Our civilian disposable face masks are water resistant in nature and manufactured to the highest precision in a pristine factory.
4. Affordability. Regardless of their finite use period, disposable masks are an affordable option. Signature Masks are available for more than half the price of masks seen currently, but built using an industry-leading manufacturing procedure, We offer free delivery on all orders. Signature Masks are competitive in price, and in quality. Our subscription service reduces this price even further by saving you 12% off your order.


I need to buy multiple masks — can I order in bulk?

Yes. Please contact us for information regarding orders over 1000 masks. Please refer to our sales department for enquiries regarding large orders if you are a business or a charity.

Should I get a subscription or do a one-off purchase?

One-off purchases offers are advantageous if you need a large supply of masks instantly, or for an occasion. Our Signature Subscription option offers great savings and security of your masks, you can see more here — providing a steady stream of mask deliveries to your door on a weekly basis with free delivery and 12% off your normal price. It is a market-leading service which removes the stress of potentially running out of masks. Subscription customers will be prioritised in the case of a stock shortage arising from a surge in consumer demand, meaning your delivery slot, and Signature Masks, should be protected.

Where can I buy the masks?

At Signature Masks directly here on this website. You can subscribe to our newsletter here for more information regarding face masks, and our offers.

Do you accept returns/refunds?

For reasons of hygiene and due to COVID-19 this product is non-returnable and only refundable at the discretion of our customer services team. If you have any issues with your product please contact us directly at customercontact@signaturemasks.co.uk via email. Please do not send any goods back to our premises, and this will help us maintain a COVID-Secure facility. Thank you.

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